Eat your veg!

Veg Bar blossomed at the end of January this year, finally coming to fruition after several years in the thought-cloud of local veghead and entrepreneur Jazmin Di Tommaso. Our restaurant has since taken the Tasmanian food scene by storm with its creative and alternative take on classic meals and drinks. Our ethos is all about plant-based foods. We strive to create delicious dishes without the use of any animal products, while still maintaining a friendly menu that even the biggest meat eaters can get excited about!

Plant-based eating is pretty simple. It’s all about incorporating more whole foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes, and minimising intake of processed foods and animal products. Our goal is to help everyday folks incorporate more fresh, nutrient rich goodness into their lives – whether it be once a day or once a month. Plant-based eating has great preventative benefits. It essentially helps to stop the development of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, and minimises the risk of developing conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also places less burden on the environment than a diet containing meat and animal products. This is because the agricultural methods required to support plant-based diets consume less resources and produce less greenhouse gases.

We are passionate about helping improve the health of our community. We do this by serving our customers lovingly prepared meals and drinks, and by providing an educational outlet where we can share our knowledge. We know that health and healthy eating are daunting topics – we’re all constantly bombarded with different diets and articles, each making magical claims. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! Some easy ways to incorporate plant-based eating into your lifestyle are to plan ahead, add extra serves to each meal, try a new fruit every week, and to do your research. There are many online resources that can point you in the right direction, including our very own blog! Renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver advocate for the Meatless Monday campaign, which is a great and easy introduction to reducing meat intake and to using more vegetables. Plant-based eating absolutely does not mean the end to enjoying food or flavor, or that you’ll always be hungry, or that you won’t get enough iron or protein. Ready to have more energy? Ready to make a positive difference for the environment? And more importantly – a positive difference for your health? All it requires is a few adjustments and an open mind!

Our menu has been meticulously crafted by a team of chefs in order to bring you environmentally conscious, tasty and fulfilling food. We use fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients, and make all components by scratch wherever we can. Where you see ‘egg’ or ‘cheese’ – these are recreations using alternative components like coconut cream, sweet potato, cashews and spices. We want to bring you all the classics like nachos, burgers, pad Thai and (of course) delicious desserts… your belly, body and planet will thank us!

Love to all,

Veg Bar

Veg Bar