Eating lunch: Is it really that important?


The Importance of Eating (a healthy) Lunch

Lunch – for many of us, it’s that forgotten part of the day caught between one errand and another. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon you have a moment to stop, and that’s when it hits: the unmistakable grumble; the empty pains. The signs have been there for a few hours yet, but you smother the brain fog and lethargy with caffeine and snacks. You know what’s even better than the buzz from your third latte? Stopping. Fueling your body. Both for children and adults, lunch is an important opportunity for your body and mind to recuperate from a productive morning, and prepare for the afternoon ahead.


Learning and attention span

Consuming a healthy lunch provides energy and nutrients, allowing both our bodies and brains to continue functioning effectively. Not only our muscles but also our minds need food to power through the day – did you know that learning depletes stores of glucose in the brain? Eating at regular intervals is important for a healthy diet and ultimately leads to a greater intake of important vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Failing to eat lunch can contribute to an energy and mood slump in the afternoon, with hunger expressing itself as irritability, fatigue and headaches. It can also lead to overeating later in the day.


What to include

Not just any lunch will do! It’s important to eat a healthy, balanced meal with correct portions and incorporating fats, carbohydrates and protein. When introducing vegetarian and vegan meals it is important to do research and understand how you’re fuelling your body. This includes considering what foods need to be substituted or supplemented for energy, protein and vitamins; incorporating a wide variety of foods; choosing wholegrain sources over refined cereal products; and providing regular meals and snacks.


The Veg Bar Lunchbox Initiative

Our chef’s at Veg Bar have created a menu of plant-based, tasty and satisfying lunchboxes for purchase by local schools, parents and businesses. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 6231 1593, or drop in and see us in person!


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